scott brabson




I get it, you're a professional, you're in a hurry, you don't have time for the big long winded narrative. I can respect that. Here are my answers in a speed dating format:

  • Your eyes are really beautiful, here's my resume
  • Guitar yes, but I'm good with the whole JAMStack
  • Working out is important, especially building a good backend
  • Kids, one day. I built this educational app for when that happens
  • Sure, here's my email and Twitter
  • Learning: SQL, MongoDB, HTML Canvas, harmonica
  • Hobbies: rock climbing, guitar, coding, tending to my megadog
  • Fears: running out of challenges, velociraptors
an image of Scott adorned in climbing gear, looking mostly happy, standing at a climbing crag in Clear Creek, near Golden, Colorado without an electronic device in sight


I've worn many hats. I've scoured dusty bookshelves for forgotten woodwork techniques, and wrangled hundreds of Korean kids into a classroom in the countryside of Korea. I've yelled 'timberrr!!' falling trees in the Rockies, and 'YES CHEF' at Denver's best restaurant. And now, through a series of twists and turns (and fortuitous disasters), I've found myself happy as a nearly-middle-aged clam in the world of coding.

For 80+ hours each week over the course of seven months, I was either taught, or I self-taught, my frontend fundamentals at Turing School (the only accredited software "boot camp" as of April 2021). In between breaths, I pushed myself to advance my skills in styling (CSS, animations, libraries, yaddayadda), developed a love affair with React(goodbye forever .insertAdjacentHTML(), hellooo .map()), and got my hands dirty building REST APIs with Express.

Since graduating, I've continued self-teaching and building projects from scratch, including this site (writeup coming soon). I'm currently looking to work with a team of people who will push themselves to do their best work, who encourage and support continual growth and learning, and who aren't afraid to have a laugh with others or at themselves.

Questions? Comments? Job offer? Site criticism? HMU as the kids say these days.